Alaskan Cod Will Make You Want to Go Wild

Thousands of miles away from any significant sources of pollution, Alaska´s waters are among the cleanest in the world. A marine habitat is this pure provides a seafood harvest remarkably free of contaminants. Wild Alaska cod is a prime example of the quality fish harvested from a truly pristine environment. These fish are wild-caught after being allowed to mature at their own pace while feeding freely on their natural diet.

The superior flavor and texture of Alaskan seafood is recognized throughout the world. But perhaps not everyone makes the connection between the superiority of the product and the unique environment that nurtured its development. The delightful flavor of wild Alaska cod, as with other Alaskan seafood, is a direct result of feeding on marine organisms which are the natural food supply for that species. Prized all over the world, the texture of wild Alaskan fish is the result of annual migrations in the cold North Pacific.

These migrations are cause the development of optimum fat content and distribution. It is the fat content in a fish and its proper distribution which ensure the excellent texture contained in the finished product…

When nature is permitted to take its course unimpeded the results are extraordinary. For years now we have witnessed a trend towards lighter more heart-healthy menu choices. Modern seafood recipes tend to favor lighter seafood mild enough that it can set off rather than compete with light delicate sauces. One of the most delicate and healthy fish to be found, wild Alaska cod, is also versatile enough to star as the main ingredient in the most exotic of recipes. The mildness of flavor and tender texture found in all three varieties of wild Alaska cod can act to balance any strong or spicy seasoning in some of today´s most creative recipes. When choosing among the various types of wild Alaska cod it is helpful to become acquainted with the particular characteristics of each of these fish. Which kind of fish is best suited to a given recipe? Just as importantly, which fish best satisfies the chef´s individual tastes?

Here are some brief descriptions of the three varieties of wild Alaska Cod:

Black Cod: In recent years, this fish has received abundant attention among culinary experts. It has been touted as one of the world´s top 10 up and coming ingredients. It´s succulent flavor is comparable to that of sea bass. Like all wild Alaska cod, Black Cod is low in saturated fats and rich in heart-healthy Omega 3s as well as other nutrients. Black Cod is harvested practically year-round; its´ harvest season running from mid-March to mid-November.

Alaska Pollock: This fish is the most affordable, versatile and abundant member of the wild Alaska cod family. It is available year-round in a variety of convenient packaging that can help speed up meal preparation. Its mild flavor, moderately firm texture and wonderful flaking ability make it ideal for just about any cooking method imaginable. Alaskan pollock can be an excellent substitute in many recipes calling for a mild, flaky fish.

Alaska Cod: This fish is known for its firm fillets and distinctive large flake. It´s flavor is slightly sweeter than that of the other wild Alaska cod. Its´ delicate sweetness is well complimented by a wide variety of sauces and seasonings. Like the other two types of wild Alaska cod, this fish is naturally abundant and harvested from a wild sustainable environment; an excellent source of quality protein and other nutrients with a low calorie content. When it comes to wild Alaska cod it´s impossible NOT to make a good choice! So relax and enjoy any of these healthy, natural options.