Best Restaurants On The Cote D’Azur

If you are looking for property for sale in St Tropez, then the chances are that you are planning a long stay. As such you are bound to be interested in what the local restaurants have to offer. In this short guide we identify the best restaurants in and around St Tropez. However, trying to pinpoint the best restaurants on the Côte d’Azur is like trying to identify the most beautiful sunset or the loveliest Mediterranean beach: in short, a nearly impossible task.

One of the newest that is gaining acclaim from local Provencals and international visitors alike is the restaurant at La Reserve Ramatuelle, a magnificent hotel situated in Ramatuelle, which is located in the western part of the Cote d’Azur, close to St-Tropez. Its cuisine benefits from optimum freshness of ingredients, especially the seafood, and is presented with Cordon Bleu elegance. M. Canino, the chef de cuisine, pays close attention to not only portion size, but also calorie count, carbohydrate content and balanced nutrition. As such there’s no need to feel any guilt about indulging in a sumptuous dinner at La Reserve. Wines are from the Cote de Provence, as well as the finest international vintners.

In St-Tropez itself, top dining honors go to the two restaurants of the world-renowned Hotel Byblos: Byblos Spoon, and Bayader. Just over forty years old, the Byblos has become a favorite with sports and entertainment celebrities from around the globe. The Byblos Spoon serves a variety of menu choices all day and evening. Try a traditional continental breakfast of coffee and croissants with beautifully flavored fruit marmalades or berry confitures. For lunch the vivid green salads can constitute an entire meal, and at dinner, lightly grilled fish with vegetables braised in olive oil in a cast-iron casserole is wholesome, filling and supremely delicious.

Bayader is located right beside the hotel’s pool, so you can savor your meal al fresco, or relax under the splendid vaulted ceiling of the dining room. Bayader’s most-requested vegetable dish is a concoction of asparagus and morel mushrooms, and is more like a full first course than an appetizer, or “amuse-bouche”. Main dishes that get rave reviews at Bayader are the stewed lobster, served with vegetables in a tomato bouillon, and the lamb portions that, while small, are exquisitely prepared. Chocolate desserts, rich and sweet, round off an unforgettable meal. The wine menu features those from all the Cote de Provence departments, and an excellent selection of the perennial French favorite, champagne.

Gassin, on the southwest approach to St-Tropez, offers the Cote d’Azur ambiance at a more relaxed pace. The view from the Restaurant of Villa Belrose will enchant you as much as the fine cuisine, and its Michelin star testifies to the talents of the master chef, Thierry Thiercelin, whose light lunches of fresh fish and vegetables are just as memorable as his multi-course dinners.

At St-Raphael, be sure to make a reservation for dinner at Le Charavins, in the rue Charabois. This fine restaurant has received a Michelin star for excellence. The dinners are traditional French cuisine, accompanied with delectable sauces, crisp loaves of pain francais and a stellar selection of local and national wines. Seek the advice of the chef on the special of the evening, and follow it for an enjoyable evening. While pricier than some others at 65 euros for two, you will consider it money well spent.

Whatever your budget you are sure to find something to satisfy your appetite, that said if you are looking for property for sale in St Tropez, it’s unlikely that you have too many financial restrictions.