Cake Toppers Score a Touchdown With Football Fans

A wedding cake topper isn’t something you might hear your typical football fan talking about until now. A new set of cake toppers is a bigger hit with sports fans than ever before.

These football cake toppers are highly innovative in the wedding cake decoration industry and they have a new set of best friends, sports fans. These tops feature a groom sprinting to the goal line with his new bride on his back and the pigskin in his arms.

Until now, there have been only a few sports themed decorations to plunk down on top of your wedding cake. However, this one has caught on fairly well. It isn’t the only one, though. There are soccer grooms, hockey tops and more unique ideas for athletic couples. It just seems to make the wedding more fun.

The unusual thing is how popular they are. Retailers say that these items are being sold frequently and some visitors are asking for it by name, typing it out on popular search engines like Google and others and then snatching them up when they see one is in stock and at a good price.

Though trends emerge often in the industry, the sports cake topper trend is one you won’t find everyday. The football cake topper is perfect for the bride who has everything at her wedding, and the groom who has nothing he likes. Or, for the bride who loves the Sunday game just as much as her husband.

Add it to your sweet ceremony and see how many faces light up. It’s a fabulous new piece of decor.