Celebrate the Oscars With Fancy Dress Costumes for Women

Roll out the red carpet and put up the projector screen! Prepare the food and drinks for a fancy dress ball honoring the legendary Oscars. A great theme for a party is vintage Hollywood where glamour and fame are always defined by the sophisticated elegance of the brightest stars. Whether you’re the host or one of the guests, you don’t have to search far for great fancy dress costumes for women to wear at the party.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Holly Golightly

Film buffs everywhere recognize that scene of a slim woman dressed in a long black evening gown, a pair of large dark shades covering half her face, and eating a croissant in front of the display window of Tiffany’s, the well-known jeweler in New York. With a graceful tilt of her coiffed head, she looks at the diamond earrings and necklaces displayed on black velvet. That’s Holly Golightly, the protagonist in Truman Capote’s novella, which made Audrey Hepburn an American cultural icon.

Girls with a slim build and swanlike grace can pull off the same look with an Empire cut black gown without sleeves, a pair of long black gloves, and a pearl choker. Bring up one’s hair into a coif and finish with a pair of huge dark glasses to blot out the morning sun. Bringing a croissant and a tall cup of coffee is optional.

The Classic Marilyn Monroe Upskirt Photo

Marilyn Monroe personifies the classic cinema siren which was best remembered by that upskirt photo. She wore a white lightweight dress with a plunging neckline and backless. When a stray wind blew up from one of the nearby grates, her skirt was blown upwards from the back. She barely held down the front, but her mischievous laugh captured her sensuality and spirit perfectly. That look can also be achieved with the same style of dress and silver pumps. Some women wear a white blonde wig while others would have their hair dyed silver and cut short with fluffed tips.

Be The Material Girl, The Vamp, or The Diva

The getup made popular by Madonna in her Material Girl video seems a constant hit among young girls today. It’s highlighted by a tight-fitting denim jacket worn over a stomach-baring top and a micro-mini skirt made of vinyl leather. A pair of fishnet stockings and ankle boots with heels completes the look. Everything’s available at any store and women can mix and match these.

Meanwhile, the fancy costumes for the Hollywood vamp and the stage diva seems more popular among the older set. A simple flowing dress with a flattering cut is all that’s needed to accentuate a woman’s body shape and height. Statuesque women wear these dresses well not because of their height, but because of their slim build. The dress has to drape and fold over their curves rather than wrap around their bodies tightly.