Cheesecake – World’s Favorite Dessert

Ahh, Cheesecake! Just the sound of the word brings a smile to one’s face. That sweet, decadent, mouth-watering dessert. There are so many ways to make and enjoy cheesecake. Whether it be plain or chocolate graham cracker crust, filling with chocolate chips, or plain with strawberry topping, cheesecake is one of the all-time favorite dessert.

Cheesecake is one of the oldest forms of dessert, dating back to the 7th Century. When the first Olympics were held in Greece, cheesecakes were eaten by the athletes performing, to give them the energy to compete in the events being held. Eventually, the cheesecake made its way to Rome, during the Roman Empire. The Greeks combined cheese, honey, and wheat flour. It was mixed and made into a paste, then baked, making cheesecake. the absolutely delicious cake that it is, it quickly spread throughout Europe, and then finally overseas to North America.

In North America, it was changed up, more ingredients were added, and more toppings. The basic ingredients still stay the same though: graham cracker crust, and filling made of cream cheese, sugar, eggs, etc. It can vary in preparation and taste from one end of the country to the other. In New York, for example, it has a smoother texture and richer flavor, thanks to a little lemon, heavy cream, and extra egg yolks added. Many cheesecake bakers also will add sour cream to give an even richer taste. Pennsylvania Dutch cheesecake has cheese with larger curds, giving it a tangy taste. Country Style cheesecake contains buttermilk to help it stay fresher, longer by increasing the acidity.

All in all, cheesecake has definitely been around for a while, and has certainly changed over the years. However, one things stays the same. It is still by far one the most delicious and favorite desserts of all time.