Cookie Mix Party Bags, A Great Party Bag Alternative

If you are fed up with the typical party bag filled with pocket money toys and sweets, then try something completely different, such as a cookie mix party bag.

Well what is it? Basically it’s a party bag that is filled with a dry cookie mixture, ready for children to bake at home.

Ready prepared cake and cookie mixes are very popular, especially amongst parents with younger children as they are so quick and easy to make. It’s also a fun way to get the kids interesting in cooking and baking.

You can buy cookie mix party bags that are ready prepared from selected stores and online retailers and some bags and boxes can be personalised too which adds a special touch.

If you are feeling brave though, try making them yourself, here’s how:

Find a simple cookie recipe that is tried and tested and makes up to a dozen cookies. Chocolate Chip and Shortbread tend to work well.

Measure out all the dry ingredients and place in a cellophane or clear food bag and tie or seal it to avoid any of the ingredients from escaping. Then place the bag with the mixture into either a paper bag, a card box or even a small jar.

Each box or bag can be decorated or personalised with a child’s name or a message which says something like ‘thank you for coming to my party’. For each cookie mix bag, you will also need to either write out or print a label with simple baking instructions, which you can extract from the cookie recipe.

Whoever bakes the cookies will need to add the wet ingredients such as eggs, butter, oil or water.

For an extra special touch, you could include some cookie toppings such as Smarties, sprinkles and sweets so that the children can decorate their cookies once they have been baked.

There you have it, a wonderful cookie mix party bag that makes a great gift that will not only be fun to make but will taste delicious too.

There really is no end to what edible mix you could make. You could try a muffin mix, fairy cake mix or a chocolate brownie mix, all of which would go down a treat with kids.

The important thing to remember is that the recipe has to be simple to make and it’s probably best to avoid recipes that use any form of nuts.