Cutie Pie Robert Pattinson at Teen Choice Awards

Celebrities are always seemed very excited to attend Teen Choice Awards. In the list, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are on top. They always wait for this unforgettable moment where they is no need to give pesky answers of media and where teenagers are gone mad to get one sight of these Twi-heroes.

Unfortunately, this time, Kristen Stewart was unable to attend and represented her individuality particularly in this award show and left Robert Pattinson alone in huge screaming out crowd. He grabbed plenty of awards not only for Twilight Sagas but also for “Remember me”. More so, he had to pick up the award on behalf of Kristen Stewart too who is nowadays under great pressure of finishing shoots of her new movie “Rileys”.

It was a bit sad moment for audience in award show, when Kristen-Robert had been call upon for Best Liplock again and Kristen was not there to show the sauciest kiss ever with Robert Pattinson.

Fans of Twilight only had to see Robert Pattinson alone, giving thanks to the audience who gave his trademark hairs jerking style and gone back to his seat again without Kristen. Don’t worry, Rob it happens, when you get a quite smash hit project. Things would be annoying for Robert as well as for fans again, when Twilight duo got Chemistry prize for New Moon. Kristen….so many awards and you missed the moments. It’s too bad.

Anyways, along with collecting so many awards in a dish, Robert Pattinson was shining like a Belgium Diamond. He was looking great in blue casual shirt with the same hair style he has since first day of his popularity. He blushed over and again getting each award for the achievements he obtained from Twilight Sagas. He has become darling of every teenager. He loves basking in with the girls who got unconscious at first sight with him. Boys……take care of your girls naaa….