Diaper Cake – A Delightfully Useful Baby Shower Gift

Diaper cake can easily be termed as the king of all gifts that you can present to an expectant mom. No matter how many new ones she buys, but a mother of newborn would always find her stock of diapers lacking. What better way to present this intriguingly precious item to the expectant mother than in the shape of a beautiful cake?

A diaper cake, as the name suggests, primarily comprises of diapers. Various other items meant for baby-use are attached / placed on the baby cake to make it look more appealing as well as to increase its utility value for the expectant mother. In fact, diaper cake is so popular that any baby shower party is considered incomplete without the appearance of this majestic gift. Whether it is a baby shower, couple shower, surprise shower, or welcome shower, diaper cake is simply indispensable.

Make It Yourself

A diaper cake is the sort of gift that you can purchase from a store if you wish to and you can easily make this item at home as well. However, you shall have to get the constituents from a store. The items that you need to prepare a diaper cake include diapers, a base or platter made of cardboard, ribbons, adhesive tapes, small decorative items like socks, bibs, toys etc. Most of these items are not costly and can be bought at reasonable prices. If you go for a readymade diaper cake it may prove to be significantly costlier than the one made at home. Therefore, it is better to make it at home.

A diaper cake is not just a gift item. It can be used as a beautiful centerpiece until the party is over. If beautifully made, this item immediately brightens the face of the mom-to-be. An expectant mother associates such items with the life after childbirth. In a curious way, this item prepares the mother for the joys and hardships of bringing up the child.

It is the best if the host or hosts make this item themselves and present to the mom-to-be. The honor of presenting the most special gift of the day should certainly be reserved for them.

Life during pregnancy is full of apprehensions for the expectant mother. Hosting baby showers and giving beautiful gifts like diaper cake is a wonderful way of boosting the expectant mother’s morale. Pregnancy celebration would be incomplete if this item is excluded from the list of gifts. Moreover, it is easily affordable.

And remember, the larger the size of the diaper cake, the better it is!