Easy and Delicious Seafood Dinners Start With Salmon

Some people may not give canned foods enough credit, but that’s probably because they have never tried red Alaska canned salmon. With the health benefits of fish becoming more prominent in various diets, heart healthy and weight loss plans, everyone is trying to get more seafood into their meals. The catch, however, can be making the time and effort to get to the market to get your hands on fresh fish each and every day. For the majority of us who have other jobs, commitments, appointments and families, sometimes tried and true pre-prepared canned food just has to do. Never fear, for now with red Alaska canned salmon on your side, a new world of fast and easy, heart-healthy seafood recipes will open up to you.

Fresh wild seafood from Alaska cannot be beat for taste, but the difference can be tasted even in canned seafood that comes from Alaska. Known for its great flavor and versatility, salmon is also a source of high-qualify protein, and important vitamins and minerals. As a great source of those hard to find Omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is at the top of every nutritionists hot foods list. This boost in Omega 3 fatty acids is due to being a wild caught, cold water variety of fish, like those that come from Alaska’s icy waters. With low calories and low levels of saturated fat, take the challenge of getting kids to eat balanced meals full of protein, vitamins and minerals off the table. Everyone asks for seconds when it’s salmon on the menu.

When choosing red Alaska canned salmon, keep in mind the flavor will be deeper, lending itself as an excellent accompaniment to salads, sandwiches, or eating straight from the can! For soups, casseroles and patties, it’s fine to go with the more economical lighter colored canned salmon varieties. To make delicious red Alaska canned salmon dishes that will feed the whole family, try adding salmon to favorite dishes like salmon spinach dip, salmon pasta salad, or Alaska salmon chowder. Use salmon as a stuffer for starches like potatoes, or as a delicious grilled topper with pasta or steak dishes. Don’t be afraid to get a little wild with Asian salmon noodles or salmon tacos, and watch your family thank you for the effort. Instead of the same old same old for dinner, make a delicious, nutritious, and totally unexpected red Alaska canned salmon meal tonight!