Fountain Wedding Cake – How to Set the Perfect Mood With a Fountain Wedding Cake

Have you considered having a fountain wedding cake at your wedding reception? Do you know why you should consider a fountain wedding cake? There are very few weddings that feature this type of cake and it is a great customized touch to your wedding. It will take just a bit of imagination to come up with the fountain that you want, but it can be a reality and make your wedding great. You can add your favorite flavor to it and get some great decorations to go with the cake. It is a very simple process.

The Easy Fountain Wedding Cake

You can take a look at a portable fountain to get an idea of what you will be looking at with your cake. This fountain cake will need to be as large as the area you plan to use for your cake presentation. You will also have to have a pretty good idea of how many guests you are going to have before you start putting your cake together. After you have this information and have a good idea on the size and the type of fountain you want the remaining job is to have a baker put your cake together and make it beautiful.

This is where you are going to have to get creative. You can do different flavors on each tier or you can keep them the same. You can use wine or chocolate instead of water to flow down the cake. You can even use champagne to add a great touch and sparkle to your cake. You can even add a few sound effects to your fountain if you want to make it even more romantic. You can have fresh flowers added to enhance your cake or add fresh fruit that can be dipped in chocolate for a great touch. It is all up to you and the more creative you can get the happier you will be with your cake.

Just because you go with a fountain cake does not mean you have to break your budget. You can rent the fountain that will go with your cake and you can make some of your cake arrangements for very cheap if you get creative. You can have a fountain cake done for about the same cost as a traditional wedding cake if you find the right baker that is willing to work with your ideas.

Everybody want to customize their wedding so that it is different than others. Adding a fountain wedding cake to your wedding can really help you customize your wedding and add a very elegant touch to the reception.