Get Ready for the Super Bowl with Great Snacks and Nibbles

Need some Super Bowl Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday? Whether you are having a party or not, you’ll need some great ideas for some easy appetizers to nibble on while you’re cheering your team of choice.

For some reason, the Super Bowl is synonymous with eating and eating a lot! Forget the diet for one day! Enjoy all the great, fun party food that comes with having a whole day dedicated to the Super Bowl.

Don’t forget that some people don’t come to Super Bowl parties to watch football. Noooooo, they come for the food and the betting, the camaraderie and of course, more food… So, be prepared to serve up a feast of Super Bowl snacks, nibbles and appetizers. It’s not as hard as it sounds, but having a variety to choose from will work well in almost any household. Here are some suggestions:

  • Pigs in Blankets
  • Caramelized Onion Focaccia
  • All kinds of chips and dips
  • Chicken Wings (of course!)
  • Mini Pizzas
  • Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Most of these appetizers you can make ahead of time and simply heat them up as you need them. Having enough drinks on hand is important also. Remember, not everyone drinks alcohol, so make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling cider, soda, lemonade, tea, coffee, and sparkling water available. If kids are going to be present, juice boxes always work well. Just show them where they can dispose of the empty boxes and your clean up is partially done!

Is everybody coming to your Super Bowl party a football fan? If not, maybe have another room available for those who are just coming for the party itself. Let the die-hard fans have the room with the TV. Then they can scream and shout all they want while the rest of you can actually have a conversation!

Some kids love watching football, while others would rather be outside playing or playing games in the basement. Try to have some activities planned for them depending on the age range. In addition to the appetizers listed above, some other great snacks to have ready for kids are:

  • Mini Hamburgers
  • Homemade Potato Chips
  • Ants on a Stick
  • Apple Cinnamon Snack Mix
  • Apple Pizza
  • Mini Milkshakes

Try to have some board games set up in the area you want the kids to be in – especially if the whether is bad. Or, have another room with a TV where they can play video games or watch a movie. Whatever you decide, having friends and family over to watch the Super Bowl, or just yak, yak, yak is always fun and will be remembered with fondness as a great time had by all. Make it simple and the fun will follow.

Regardless of your motivation for being at or holding a Super Bowl party, it’s always fun to have good, fun food around. Enjoy yourself with your friends and guests and remember to encourage everyone to drink responsibly!