Getting Cupcake Boxes and Cake Boxes?

So are you thinking of starting a business in selling cakes or cupcakes but have no clue where to start or even look for information? Well, let me commend you on getting this far right now. At least you have taken some initiative to come across this article. However, I want to tell you that reading this is just the beginning and there will be a long journey ahead of you. Amongst the mountain full of things to think about when starting a business such as this, one of the main things is storage of bio-degradable product. I don’t want to delve into preserving and extending the life of the food product you’re selling as that will be an article on its own. I want to take a step back and look at this from both a marketing and short-term storage point of view.

Firstly, let’s tackle the marketing aspect behind cake and cupcake boxes. When a customer walks into your store, he or she should be able to immediately see the product itself in order for them to make a quick decision as to whether to purchase it or not. Sure, you could have a folder or pamphlets with quality photographs of your cakes, but that just isn’t the same. No matter how good quality the pictures are, they just can’t compare to looking at the real thing since you can’t capture all the dimensions and hence the beauty of your cakes in a flat photo. Aside from placing the cakes and cupcakes directly in the display case, you can put them in boxes which have transparent plastic windows on one side. The other advantage here is that when a customer has chosen a particular cake or cupcake, you can simply hand the box with the item inside straight away to them – faster turnover.

As a form of storage, you would want a box that safely keeps the cake or cupcake in place. This is particularly important if you have a delivering service and you are transporting the item. Can you imagine that after long hours of baking, once you have taken the cakes to their destination, you present a puddle of mess to the customer? This wouldn’t a good start to your business. Hence, appropriate boxes are critical – by appropriate, you should get the sizing right for the cakes and cupcakes you are making. For cupcakes, you can get inserts placed within the boxes which will hold the cupcakes tightly.