Gorge on Seafood During Your Brixham Holiday

Are you and your family or group of friends planning to holiday in Brixham? Then, look up the Brixham holiday cottages. This is because these holiday cottages offer a hygienic and comfortable stay, as well as ample parking space. Besides, they are self-catering units and are pet-friendly too! One of the many things to do in Brixham includes eating at the many restaurants that are located near the Brixham cottages. You can expect to be treated to a great seafood meal at such restaurants. Besides, the holiday cottages are also located very close to most of Brixham’s tourist attractions. Here are some good seafood restaurants to try out.

Rio Restaurant

Located on Pump Street, 50 yards from the harbour and very close to the Brixham holiday cottages, the Rio restaurant is a great place to dine. In fact, guests who live at the holiday cottages make it a point to come here and gorge on the restaurant’s well-prepared seafood dishes. Since it is situated very close to the harbour, you can expect to eat the freshest of seafood at the Rio restaurant. Make sure you try out the restaurant’s Fish and Chips. The best part about this restaurant is that you can also choose to take away a parcel if you feel like eating in the comfort of the Brixham cottages. The Rio restaurant is maintains a high level of cleanliness. Besides, the service is excellent here. A lot of the restaurant’s visitors include the guests from the nearby Brixham holiday cottages. While you eat your lunch or dinner, you can literally smell the ocean breeze as it gently hits you. The Rio restaurant is one of the must-visit seafood restaurants in Brixham.

Tides Restaurant

The Tides Restaurant can be found on the Quay. Once again you can expect to eat the freshest catches of the day here due to the restaurant’s close proximity to the ocean. One should make it a point to try out dishes that use local fish and shellfish too. The restaurant’s chefs prepare all the meals using fresh ingredients and interesting spices. You should also try out a grilled seafood dish as this style of cooking brings out the real taste of the seafood. The restaurant on the whole has a very laidback atmosphere. It is perfect for a family lunch or dinner. The best part about the Tides Restaurant is that it is situated very close to the Brixham holiday cottages. A lot of the guests staying at the holiday cottages visit this restaurant frequently. If you don’t feel like cooking at the cottages during your stay in Brixham, visit the Tide Restaurant with your family or group of friends for a superb and fulfilling meal.