Health Benefits Are High in Alaskan Seafood

Is canned salmon good for you? It’s a logical question for health-conscious consumers that hope to avoid over-processed food and steer their diet and that of their family towards the best options. Luckily, when you shop natural Alaskan seafood products, you can rest assured that canned or pouched salmon is indeed a low-calorie option for quick, high doses of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber.

The omega-3 oils are the most beneficial part of canned salmon. Though omega-3s are in fact fats, and fat is typically something to avoid in your food, these are “good” fats and are an integral component of a heart-healthy diet. Omega-3s have proven to help lower cholesterol and unclog the build-up in arteries, as well as to help prevent cancer, arthritis, and psoriasis. Although there are omega-3 oil supplement tablets, studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids are best absorbed by the blood when consumed with seafood. Just one serving of fresh, frozen, or canned Alaska seafood per week can help your diet reach its maximum health level. Are you still wondering, is canned salmon good for you? Consider some of the other health benefits, such as the low calorie count and the high levels of protein and fiber.

Now that you know the facts, you don’t just have to ask yourself, is canned salmon good for you, but you can explore the exciting possibilities of preparing delicious dishes with canned Alaska salmon. Consider putting together a yummy brunch with Alaska salmon frittata as the main course, or try serving your family Greek salmon-stuffed pitas – they’ll think that you spent all day slaving in the kitchen, when in reality you just popped open a can or a pouch of salmon and pulled the whole meal together in 20 short minutes. Another great, good for the body option that is best in winter is Alaska salmon chili, prepared with skinless, boneless canned salmon, vegetarian chili, ground cumin, diced onion and tomatoes, and topped off with Cheddar cheese, sour cream, and fragrant chopped cilantro. Double the portions and let the chili marinate a bit overnight for a lunch of leftovers the next day.