Honduran Cuisine – What is Guava and How to Use it in Your Honduran Recipes

Besides the plantain or bananas, this small country is known for their fruit and exporting capabilities. The guava is one of those items that may grow in many different tropic areas, but Honduras by far produces and grows the best of the bunch. Although you may have heard of guava the fruit, you may not know exactly what it is; a guava is a fruit that is similar to a lemon. There are many different types of guava as well and many of them are used in everyday Honduran cuisine.

Guava pulp can be sweet and an off-whitish color or even a deep pink with seeds and hardness to it. The skin thickness usually depends on which type of guava you have and it can be bitter or sweet to taste – again, it all depends on which type of guava you have. Most often, in Honduran cuisine, the guava is prepared as a dessert, but in some other countries you can dip this fruit raw in prune powder and/or salt.

Guava is also a great jamming or jellying fruit, you can even make marmalade out of it and because it is jam-packed with all sorts of nutritional value, it is one fruit that is very high in demand and great to eat. Guava juice is one beverage that is also very popular in Honduran cuisine and can accompany any meal. Asia has been known to make guava tea with the leaves as well.

Some very authentic Honduran cuisine also includes using red guava in their sauces and as a replacement for tomatoes. As you can see, this is a very versatile fruit and can be used in many different ways by humans. Other mammals and birds love this sweet tasting fruit as well, so when you do have a guava batch available, be sure that you keep it out of the way of any animal.

The nutritional aspects of guava are fantastic! Guava is packed with all sorts of vitamins, such as: A and C, omega-3 and -6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (mainly in the seeds which must be chewed to obtain the omega fats) and especially high levels of dietary fiber. So not only is this fruit absolutely great tasting in all sorts of different ways, but it has been affectionately dubbed a ‘super fruit’ for just how good it is for you.

Now, if you would like to include guava in your menu, you have to master some of Honduran cuisine recipes. You can start from guava jam and soon you will be making all sorts of dishes you probably never imagined making. You can find the recipe for guava jam here: Honduran Recipes

Go ahead, give it a try and you will definitely not regret it!