How To Make Your Own Cookie Cutter

Cookies come prepackaged in boxes or they can be purchased in bakeries and grocery stores, but nothing beats the taste of homemade cookies. Crunchy, chewy, or buttery – people of all age, shapes and sizes enjoy bite after bite of delicious cookies. Additionally, cookies are more fun to eat when they come in fun shapes.

You can buy cookie cutters but if you want a fancier cookie cutter, it’s easy to make one yourself.
Materials are readily available in hardware stores and making them requires just a few simple steps.

Here are the materials that you will be needing:
-A roll of aluminum – be sure to use only food grade aluminum, as some types of aluminum contain chemicals that are not safe for use in food products. Check the gauge of the aluminum – the stronger the gauge, the harder it will be to bend the metal to the desired shape.
-The shape of your planned cookie cutter
-A ruler or straight-edge
-A pair of scissors – if you are using a heavy gauge aluminum you can use tin snips
-A knife
-Adhesive – You should check to make sure they are safe for food

Follow these simple steps on how to make your own cookie cutter:
-Lay the photograph or the image you want to be the design of your cookie cutter. Get the twine and follow the lines of the image using the twine.
-To measure the length of the aluminum you can use the length of the twine as a gauge as well.
-Cut the aluminum depending on the width that you want.
-Bend the aluminum according to the shape of the desired cookie cutter (the image that you have).
-Place adhesive at the ends of the cutter.
-Use clips to hold the ends together as you allow it to dry.

You can use old soda cans so you don’t have to purchase aluminum (besides, soda cans are already safe for food use). And when you no longer want the same shape, you can simply discard it and create another one. Seems that as long as you have empty soda cans and a splash of creativity, you can easily create the cookie cutter of your dreams.

You can even ask kids to help you out for more fun and bonding time in the kitchen. Just make sure you make them wear gloves or anything that will protect their hands from any possible cut from the aluminum edges or the knife. Now you just need to whip up your favorite recipe and you’re on your way to some yummy cookie time.