Ideas for Noah’s Ark Baby Shower Theme

Noah’s Ark is a very sweet, versatile idea for the baby shower theme. You get to play with lots of animals and boats, so and you can make a lot of decorations based on that theme. This theme is perfect for moms to be expecting a little boy and they intend to name him Noah. You can also organize Noah’s Ark baby theme for ladies who are big animal lovers. The concept from the Ark, the animals coming in pairs on the boat, makes this theme suitable when twins are expected. The possibilities are endless: Noah’s Ark cake, foods shaped like little boats, and Noah’s Ark centerpiece.

Foods shaped like little boats

A lot of snacks can be made to look like little boats. You can take, for example, small lettuce leaves (they look like little boats) and fill each one of them with shrimp salad, cream cheese or other type of filling. Also, red peppers make great boats: just cut them in quarters and put inside small bites of hard cheese, bacon and olives. You can cook boat shaped pastries; it’s actually very easy. All you have to do is buy frozen dough, cut the dough in rectangles, put some filling (sweet or salty) inside squeeze the short ends to make it look like a boat. Another idea would be to bake or to buy biscuits shaped like little boats. You can decorate them with chocolate mousse and fruits, for a good looking and tasty treat.

Noah’s Ark Cake

Making an Ark cake is quite easy. You can bake the cake in a normal tray, circular or rectangular, and to decorate it with a marzipan boat and marzipan and jelly animals. You can find a lot of things to decorate the cake, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time. Buy jelly animals and fruits, for example. You can also add a pigeon to the cake’s decoration, since the pigeon was the first bird on Noah’s Ark that spotted the land.

Noah’s Ark centerpiece – make one from diapers and baby towels

All you have to do is use your imagination. Take some baby towels, roll them and tie the ends, to make a boat-like shape. You can add sails to your Ark made from baby diapers. Inside the centerpiece, you can put presents for the baby: animal toys and animal books. A great idea is to add some flowers to the ark, made of baby socks, or a teddy bear also made from baby towels.

All the other decorations from the party – balloons, tablecloths, napkins, plates and glasses – can be printed with Noah’s Ark themes. Search online and you’ll find a lot of great party items you can order for a Noah’s Ark baby shower theme. A nice touch would be to put small animal toys inside the balloons, before you blow them up, which will make great gifts for the baby. Also, remember to order invites that fit with the same Noah’s Ark theme.