Indian Cuisine – The Value of Spices

If you want to make a unique and original dish, the best choice is the Indian cuisine. Indian dishes are some of the best and they are fast becoming popular in the other parts. Most of the cooks who specialise in cooking Indian foods say that they are intrigued by the various tastes that can be created. The tastes can be created using the various food combinations of spices and vegetable varieties.

The Indian people use so many spices and herbal flavors to their foods. These create the different aromas and they are made using pepper, coriander and turmeric. Other popular combinations include bread and vegetables. They also make Indian sweets which they have exported to other parts of the world.

Majority of the delicacies in the Indian cuisine are made with vegetables because most Indians are vegetarians. The over one billion people provide a lucrative market for the vegetables that are mostly grown in the country, but they do also import some others. The cooking has been influenced by the religion and culture of the Indian people. The religion does not allow for them to eat certain kinds of food and there are others that have to be cooked in a particular way. The culture plays a role in that people that are from a particular caste cannot eat certain kinds of foods.

The northern and southern parts include the Mughal style of cooking which is borrowed from the Muslims. The type of cooking is so popular and is made using bread and spices. The people in the north use the bread and spices while those that are in the southern regions mostly make rice and coconut. The spices that are used in both regions are grown in the country, but there are those that they import from the Middle East and Turkey.