Know About Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Everyone wants to stay in shape and live a long and healthy life. Truth is that it takes a lot of commitment to achieve this. Eating well, exercises, etc.

Whatever your aim is, weight loss, staying fit, de-toxing, etc, as long as eating well is involved; we implore you to try this cabbage soup diet recipe. It is not only wholesome but is guaranteed to assist in flushing out your accumulated body toxins as well tickle your taste buds in the process.

Ingredients needed:

• Half a head of cabbage
• 3 fresh carrots
• A bunch of celery
• 2 cans of tomatoes
• 2 large green peppers
• 6 large green onions
• A packet of mushrooms
• A packet of Lipton soup mix
• Seasoning – a pinch of pepper, salt, parsley, garlic powder

Optional Ingredients:

• 2 cubes of bouillon
• A can of vegetable juice

Cooking Directions:

• Put the sliced green onions in a pot; use any cooking spray of choice to cook it quickly.
• Take out the seeds from the green pepper, chop into small chunks and then add to pot.
• Remove the outer layer of the cabbage, chop finely and add to pot
• Add the cleaned and cube-chopped size carrots to the pot.
• Slice the mushrooms into thick sizes and add to pot.
• Add the seasonings now as required except the salt and pepper. Save this for later.
• Pour in about 12 cups of water and vegetable juice if required.
• Cover the pot and cook on low heat for about 2 hours or so.
• Add salt and pepper to taste and it is ready to serve!

This cabbage soup diet recipe is very effective in achieving rapid weight loss so, except that is your aim; this is not a diet for everyday.