My Motivation to Success

Background information about my life growing up in the country. I was born in a small country town in Virginia. We pumped or filled buckets of water from a well. We bathed in a big round tub.. We were a family of 6 living on a very small budget.

We wore hand me downs and the cheapest thrift store shoes we could find.. As children who rode the school bus, had to walk about a half mile, cross a creek on a very shaky crossover, then walk another half mile to the end of the road.

Finally, at the age of 8, the family relocated and upgraded to inside plumbing and less walking distance to catch the school bus. Went on the graduate from High School with a B average, attended community college in NC, 1976, 17 month home study course as a Computer specialist, 1997 and started a career in computers.

This was my motivation to success The lack of and a determination to succeed.

In 2005 joined a network marketing social networking site and began interest in network marketing. Placed ads, made list of everyone I knew, (warm market), needless to say, failed miserably.

I am very persistent and ambitious so much so that I do not give up easily.

I have read Magnetic Sponsoring and am learning attraction marketing via Marketing Merge University, ordered a copy of the Ultimate Success Cds by Tracy Biller, Mike G, and have joined the 500kmentor team.

Following the lead of all of these masterminds, the marketing software, the training I am receiving, the mentorship I am receiving, has been the best investment I have made.

For example, I knew nothing about writing articles until I made an investment into marketing training sessions with 500kmentor (will provide link in resource box).

We attend his awesome training webinars where we can interact directly asking questions and getting them answered. In the training he has covered how to write and publish articles and press releases. I and many others attend these webinars to effectively obtain the much needed trainings that he provides.

We also have learned how and where to submit our articles and press releases.

This type of training is what every marketer needs to be successful in internet marketing. It could literally bring 1000s of unique visitors to the programs that you are promoting. Being educated is a very important factor in being a successful marketer. Learning is an ongoing process.

Join me in following the lead of these masterminds.