Pot Pie Girl and Travis Sago – Bum Marketing Royalty

Bum Marketing Trivia

Travis Sago is the King of Bum Marketing, a term his beautiful wife Jeannie coined when she quipped that he makes article marketing look so easy she thinks he could teach it to bums off the street. Travis concurred since it’s so basic and also since it can be done for free… (except for ‘net access.)

Meet The Queen (Pot Pie Girl)

Travis is responsible for a lot of people making money and he is my original Bum inspiration, but this Jennifer Ledbetter, aka Pot Pie Girl, has overtaken him in my book, at least. I’m finding out a lot more Bum secrets from her than I ever got from Travis. For instance, his formula for low competition keywords is to put them in quotes and look for less than 5000, but Pot Pie Girl scoffs at that and provides this formula:

intitle:”keyword” inanchor:”keyword”

She says to look for results under 100. Using this, I’ve achieved some first page Google search results at times when the Travis Sago method indicated “competition” in the millions.

That’s An Ocean Of Sales I’d Of Missed In My Life If I Didn’t Bump Into PPG

I just can’t bring myself to believe Travis isn’t aware of that formula. I wouldn’t be surprised if she learned it from him. Perhaps he doesn’t want all of us competing with him, but Jennifer doesn’t seem to mind us knowing the good stuff.

Pot Pie Girl Is A New Breed

She seems more interested in selling us fishing gear so we can feed ourselfves rather than selling us fish so she could make a daily profit on us.

She Says Don’t Waste Money On Keyword Services

Here’s another difference between the King & Queen “Bums”: She says it’s better to hone your own keyword skills rather than to pay for a keyword service, while Travis has a daily keyword service costing $100 monthly.