Strawberry Shortcake: The Scrumptiously Secretly Easy Dessert for When Time and Money Might Be Tigh

Everyone has their favorite dessert but often forgets about the quick and easy spreads like Strawberry Shortcake, which can help to lift the stresses of planning a party. Keeping in mind that time is of the essence, finding an old time favorite that can not only entertain your guests and satisfy their taste buds but also give you a spare moment to catch your breathe will offer itself as a great option to the fast and frenzied look of the last minute chef. Following these simple instructions should leave you with some time to relax and enjoy some socialization with your friends.

When gathering ingredients for your Strawberry Shortcake, remember what you will need to make this dessert as hands-free for as possible. Dessert plates and disposable silverware are a must and usually are very affordable. Consider the option of having your guests prepare their own dessert so that all you need to do is display the items on a table for them to assemble. Do remember that if you have ever been at a party where you assembled your own dessert, when it came time to apply the fruit or sweet stuff that fewer reservations were taken than if the hostess had pre-made them. With that, do purchase extra ingredients so that you don’t run out. Starting from the bottom up the ingredients are as follows:

Biscuits or Angel Food Cake (sliced into stackable halves)

Fresh fruit (strawberries or cherries) or frozen strawberries or cherries (thawed)

Cool Whip

With a grocery list like this, you can’t go wrong in buying extra. This very simple dessert is not only a pleasure to eat but to make as well. I would also venture to guess that your guests most likely haven’t had this dessert for a while and will appreciate the reminder of such a simple pleasure.

If you decide to pre make this dish, be sure that it isn’t done too soon before the party to avoid a soggy biscuit. Other than that, these are very simple and tine efficient little treats to prepare in bulk. Happy guests, happy host, happy wallet and extra time to gab. You simply can’t go wrong.