The Phenomenon of Pizza All Around the World

First, there is a discrepancy about the true origins of pizza. Many claim that the Greeks invented it because it was called Picea. Picea is used to describe the black stuff that was on the bottom of the dough after it was cooked. They were made by baking them in stoves that burned wood and the bottoms were often burned black. Another version is that it is called piada because it was original made from flatbread. No matter where it was started, Italy is the birth place of pizza. Italy’s style of eating this pie is to have it made in a personal size and with very thin crust. They rolled it up to eat instead of cutting it into slices. In the streets, it was made into bite size portions that one could eat from their hands.

Crossing the country over to Holland, pizza is made virtually the same way as it is in America. The only difference is if you were to order a supreme pizza with everything on it, you may be surprised to see that each topping was split up and placed on top in its own section of the pie. This is so everyone can have a slice and avoid eating a slice that had toppings they did not like. In Japan, they tend to eat their Italian pies with a while lot of seafood. It is not uncommon to see an Italian pie that has shrimp, seaweed and tuna on it. Another favorite is one with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese toppings.

Here in the US. The toppings that are ordered the most are meat toppings. These meats include Canadian bacon, sausage, hamburger, chicken and bacon. Fruits like pineapples are even added. In fact, the Hawaiian style with it pineapples and ham is a favorite. There is a new way to eat your pie that is quickly becoming a favorite. The calzone is pizza that is made with flatbreads instead of regular dough. It is so popular that it has beat out the traditional favorites hot dogs and hamburgers as America’s food of choice.

If you ever decide to travel to any of these countries, be sure to visit the pizzerias. Different cultures have different preferences for toppings styles. As you can see, no two pizzerias are alike. You can taste the difference and compare your experiences to the ones you have in the United States. Once you’ve tried the many different kinds of Italian pie, you may never want any other kind of food again. No matter how you how you like to eat it, don’t be afraid to experiment with your choice of toppings. There are so many different foods out there that you may be surprised with what tasty combination you come up with. Who knows, what you create, may become the next best thing. It may become so popular that you can open up your own pizzeria and take the world by storm.