The Satisfying Feeling of Knowing How to Bake a Strawberry Cake

One of the cake varieties everyone enjoyed while growing up was strawberry cake. This is generally a chiffon cake that has a strawberry cream filling that is filled with juicy fresh strawberries. The ingredient that makes it creamy is the milk. Sugar and eggs are also added to contribute to its fluffiness as well as taste. Some bakers like to caramelize the fresh strawberries first before adding them. This gives them added flavor and texture.

The chiffon cakes used can either be the traditional vanilla or strawberry flavored. For the latter, strawberry gelatin is mixed into the chiffon batter to give it a hint of strawberry taste. This flavoring makes the cake pinkish in color. This can also be used when making the cake’s icing. Its darker pink appearance makes for a very attractive presentation while at the same time giving it more color dimension. Some bakers forego the use of the strawberry flavoring in the icing. Instead they opt to use a pink food coloring. Using this will not give the icing the strawberry flavor similar to the chiffon cake it covers.

A strawberry cake is one for all occasions. It is versatile enough to be used for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and the like. It does not taste too sweet that’s why it can be used for these occasions. For regular days, you can serve it for dessert or during afternoon tea.

Generally, a traditional strawberry cake will have the following basic ingredients: two cups of white sugar, gelatin that is strawberry flavored, one cup of butter, four pieces of eggs, cake flour, baking powder, milk, one tablespoon of vanilla extract and one half cup of strawberry puree that is made from fresh strawberries. These are the reasons why a cake like this is best eaten when chilled.

The price of a strawberry cake varies. Sometimes it is dependent on how much the fresh strawberries are during that time of the year. When they are in season they get expensive. So it is up to you how much strawberries you will use. The price will also depend on how the cake is styled such as how many layers, the icing design, the accessories used and the like.

The popularity of the strawberry cake has even extended to businesses. These cakes are artificial with no real strawberries inside. They are merely made and used for display purposes. This is what you mostly see in bakeries, specialty cake shops and the like.

Cake baking is not at all difficult. While considered a skill, it can be easily learned. With the availability of all kinds of media today, you can get sources everywhere. Knowing how to bake a strawberry cake will come in handy later on. It can be practical while at the same time special when you make one as a gift. If you are a cake lover, knowing how to bake will be more convenient. Imagine if you had guests over, you will automatically have something to serve them.