Type Of Classic Car Insurance

When looking for classic car insurance the first thing you should do is research all applicable discounts. The majority of insurance companies offer some type of discount so find out what each agency offers and if you qualify for any of their discounted rates.

Combining two or more insurance policies can net you a significant discount, such as multiple cars or vehicle and homeowners insurance. Customers who give an insurance company more business tend to get additional discounts on their policies.

Be aware that teenage drivers are grouped into the “new driver” category, which is the most expensive in terms of car insurance premiums. Because teenagers have limited driving experience and no safe-driving record, insurance companies will set expensive premiums in order to cover the higher probability of an automobile accident.

According to driving statistics, automobile drivers who are 16 years old are involved in 10 times more accidents in comparison to those who are 30-59 years old.

Regardless, lower car insurance rates can be obtained while attending school. Many drivers with excellent report cards are eligible for student-driver discounts. The majority of insurance agencies consider students with a “B” average to be the lowest-risk student drivers. If your school offers driver’s education courses, complete one of the courses and send the results to your insurance company.

Of course, the make of your automobile will also determine the cost of your car insurance. Expensive, flashy cars are more likely to be vandalized or stolen; therefore, insurance for these cars costs more.

The type of automobile as well as the driving profile of the vehicle’s owner are also determining factors of the insurance amount. For instance, a Volvo is more likely to be handled and driven responsibly as opposed to a Mustang because of the Volvo’s safety status. So if you will soon be purchasing a new car, take a minute to consider the cost to insure it because low-profile automobiles generally have lower-cost insurance premiums.

Do not be afraid to put your teenage driver on your existing car insurance policy. It simply does not make financial sense to buy a totally separate insurance policy to cover your teenage driver if you can put them on your own policy. Doing so will save money and you will probably be able to obtain a multi-policy insurance discount.

Contact your insurance agent for more details.

Always get more than one quote. In order to get the cheapest car insurance policy possible, compare several quotes and inquire about each company’s various policy options. Do not forget to take notes.

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